Tuesday, May 12, 2009

pretty things

it must be tough being famous; no privacy, being stalked wherever you go. but also awesome. b/c you get to dress like THESE ladies... the olsens tend to look so frustrated in front of the camera; perhaps despite our obsession with their wicked awesome style, we should give them a break?

in other news, i am recovering from a hangover. a very painful hangover brought on by Monday's 'Mexican Night'. Homemade burritos, yum yum. AND margaritas, score. AND SHOTS? pause. evaluate. imbibe. cry.

images via BB, OlsensAnonymous, hedislimanediary


Scarlett Rose said...

Love MK!!!!
Thanks for checking out my blog, i will be updating with my personal style pics soon. So stay tuned.


InnyVinny said...

I feel bad for the Olsens sometimes. Then again, I don't. Their clothes cost too damn much for me to overly sympathize.

I love that last picture.