Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Very large post

So this is a crap load of pictures, but I'm loving the loose flowy fit of last Spring, the pops of color, and the structured trousers. I can probably still rock this into winter. The Fall 2008 Boy by Band of Outsiders is the look I've been toying with the last couple of weeks or so. I've a small army of oxfords in my wardrobe now, some slim boy-cut trousers so I don't drown in them, and a bunch of ideas that I hope will pan out this fall. Will post photos when I'm not so tired.

Images via Style.com
Shown: Boy by Band of Outsiders, Anne Valerie Hash, Paul Smith, 3.1 Philip (Spring 2008)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Brick City

It's hella cold in NYC now...so I layered the crap out of my outfit today, watching enviously as women in stilettos stalked bare-legged through Times Square station. Then I went out for lunch and saw people walking backwards because the wind was so high and it was so cold that people were ducking into doorways to get away from flying debris and pets. Okay, so there weren't any flying pets, but it was fackin' cold. And I was PREPARED. Score 1 for moi. Tights don't match. But it was sort of on purpose. Yup. I'm thinking outside the box...mmhm...soooo cool.

Listening to: Playa Hater by Notorious B.I.G.

Coat by Walter, Sweater/jacket by Free People, Dress by DKNY, tee by Kensie, tights by Target, boots by Pollini

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The TinMan

The silver shoes are the newest acquisition; $400 Neil Barrett's on super-sale...so I bought them. They and I are now very, very happy together. The woman in the store looked like she was going to cry as she put them in the box for me. They were the only pair they got in and I tried them only after deciding on a lark to walk through a different aisle, and based on the sizing on the shoe, they're not my size. The salesgirl actually screamed out after me, "Miss! Miss, you're REALLY LUCKY!!!". Ah, the shoe-obsessed.

White blouse by James Perse, Grey cardigan by H&M, Black jeans by Levi's Capital E, Hat by BCBG, Plaid Blazer by unknown maker, Pinstriped blazer by Banana Republic


I get 'inspiration' sometimes. I'll be watching a movie and I'll see leather gloves, or a really nice silhouette and suddenly pop up and go to my closet and start dressing up. It's pretty strange, I know, but the Photographer's gotten used to it. This is a display of last night's (or rather, 1 am's) experiments. Not very daring, but I thought it was very wearable. I spend most of my time at work and/or in transit, so it's nice to be comfortable. Check out the socks...Gap's fake argyle. Yum. Yes, the shirt is scandalous. Will have to wear with tights to actually go outside.

Skirt by Tommy Hilfiger, Red sweater and white t-shirt by Merona, Blazer by Banana Republic, Pumps by Frye
Grey cardigan by H&M, White blouse by James Perse, Bag by Swiss Army, Coat by Walter

Monday, October 20, 2008

Bambi in Winter

I put all this stuff on to go out, not take a picture. The Photographer snapped a few shots anyway...so I went with it. This is my I-don't-want-to-be-awake-F-work-I-should-marry-rich face. I'm a jerk if I don't get enough sleep. I gave up trying to be cute today and went for function. I had a lousy day because of my outfit. Is that shallow? If I don't go out and feel good about what I have on, it sort of puts a damper on my day. Strange, I suppose. Oh well. My feet sort of look like a Pan's. Or Bambi's.

Orange leather jacket by some brand I can't remember, White shirt by Mossimo, Orange shirt and dark blue Black Label jeans by Ralph Lauren, Silver/grey gloves by Miss Sixty

Sunday Morning

I wore this to church. The asymmetrical jacket is a dark, sort of plum color that I couldn't quite capture; it's got pockets and a velvet sort of feel to it (people made fun of me all day, said I looked like a pimp). Photographer didn't do a close up and I'm too lazy to dress up again. Went out and one of my friends actually took a picture of my shoes and gawked at them; he's into bespoke styling. He's got great style so it was tremendously flattering; hopefully I'll be able to get some pictures of him up here pretty soon. The shoes are pictured separately and the vest I stole from my little brother. You like?
Shoes by Boemos, Plum satin trousers by Magaschoni Collection, White ruffle front tuxedo blouse by American Eagle, Pinstriped grey vest by some brand I can't remember, Jacket by Hilary Radley.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


In case you're still confused, those are good ol' fashioned nads, my friends. I don't know what kind of G you have to be to put balls on the hitch of your truck, but I tip my hat to you, bossman. In other news, I let the Photographer dress me today. Strange combination, strange color choices, but it was my experiment. The photos were mostly taken mid-sentence as I griped about having no jacket, and how cold it was, and how brown did not, go with black, and the fact that it was strictly verboten for such a blend to take place. My complaints went mostly unnoticed at the time, but it seems I was repaid with a photo roll containing HORRIBLE facial expressions. Enjoy!

Vegas was my first trip cross country. We visited for a friend's birthday, and an excuse to get marvelously intoxicated (8am shots of Jaeger, folks? Not I, not I). These are some photos of what I wore to stay warm while there. I expected sunny days and balmy nights; I got stiff wind and arctic sunshine. Blasted weather, be damned!!! Anyhoo, the picture of the bush is me hiding behind the bush trying to avoid the wind as we walked down the infamous Strip. Top left is a picture of the Etro men's boot that looks sort of like those Chloe boots with the buckles I've been drooling over so long. Overall, a fun trip. Must go again some time.
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Friday, October 17, 2008

Jack Frost is a Mother

So be ready...with a new coat.

And for good measure, other goodies from Pringle of Scotland.

photos via: style.com, Pringle of Scotland