Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Brunch at Itzocan

lol...seems no one was comfortable in this picture

a little sugar in my bowl

sometimes the generosity and beauty of individual's just bowls me over. i am duly impressed and humbled by the depth and breadth of this piece.

You move me,
incite me to chorus
you like me
of all the people
you are the perfect completion
completion of my puzzle
of my emptiness
of my loneliness.

I've come to know you
every word of utterance
every thought of grace
every day
my life is filled

My life
my love
my wife
my friend and confidant
you are the woman for me
I see your smile and your face
I know your laugh and your taste
I disappear into your splendor
and get lost in your hair
I open my lips
and taste your kiss

My thoughts run wild
my heart skips a beat
I know your pains
and they make me weep
I long for your touch
your warm embrace
God only knows
I can't wait to see your face

He gave me love
and found me joy
I thank him endlessly
you make me happy
and you must remain
continue to show me
love's not a game.

thank you, dear heart.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Thursday, April 23, 2009


vogue homme international, terry richardson photography, via knightyknight

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

blue jeans, baby

fave jumper from Hudson
boots by Frye
tights from target
shirt from marshall's

Monday, April 20, 2009

boyfriend whine

I've always loved the boyfriend look. Long before it became popular/trendy, I used to wear men's jeans because they were super comfortable, I was a tomboy, and I hated my awkward body. Who wanted T and A, anyway? *crickets* Either way, I've since been trying to find a nice pair of pants, sort of like a Dior Homme style. Unfortunately, after going through endless pairs of jeans hoping to find a slim fitting men's style, I've come to the conclusion that my ass is too big to pull this off. Anything that fits in the waist/is long enough/is snug at the ankle, is too tight across the bum and just looks like women's slouchy skinny jeans. F*$#. I don't even want to post pictures of this damn trend b/c it infuriates me. I refuse to shell out $300 on trendy jeans, but I didn't want the plain old baggy kind. Wah...
However, I will post this:

This is the ideal. Aaliyah, my muse. Random Asian girl with something closer to what I want. And Ciara, a more recent follower of the trend. I just don't want them that baggy...oh well. Back to the drawing board. I'm not huge and yet I can't find pants that slouch just so. This is exactly why I hate trends; makes it harder for people who just want to dress in the clothes they love to find said clothes at a decent price...whine whine whine. Must be the rain. It's FREAKING FRIGID Fake ass spring. Ugh.

Sunday, April 19, 2009



via facehunter

via facehunter

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via lookbook


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Beauty of dance and the natural form...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

grey swirl

Photo overload. Spent a night goofy and giggly on chocolate.

Skirt by Rachel Pally
Top by Norma Kamali
Boots by MMJ

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

i've got A.C.N.E.

Acne Verve dress
Norma Kamali tank
MMJ boots

Sunday, April 12, 2009



I hate being tagged a hipster. While I don't think I necessarily fit the stereotypical hipster label (plaid shirts, ironic haircut/facial hair/tattoo/t-shirts, aviator sunglasses, requisite skinny jeans, microbrewed beer, living in Williamsburg, etc), I definitely have so hipster habits. Case in point, brunch. While brunch has long been a tradition carried out by classes of leisure, it seems that it's since become a vested hipster interest. For me, however, brunch is not a meal meant to fit into friends' very busy schedules or timed so that I can see a show or any such complication. Rather, I've come to detest rising early following a night punctuated by tequila, pulsing music, and dancing in crazy heels.

As such, I feel like waking up whenever the hell I feel like and dragging my exhausted butt to the nearest watering hole is only a natural consequence of such a night. Best cure for a night of raucous carousing (and its after effects) is always a good solid breakfast. But who wants to get up at 9 am and make that? I have to be up at 7 every other morning of the week. I love cooking but it's much preferable to have your cravings sated completely WITHOUT having to do any of the work. Hence, my obsession with brunch. Late sleeping+mass consumption of carbs+huge, delicious, labor-free breakfast=AWESOMENESS.

For once, I didn't cart myself hung over to breakfast, but woke up in the forenoon (though not happy about it) and visited l'Ecole, the restaurant of the French Culinary Institute. Broadway and Grand has never been graced with a more fantastic establishment. Prix fixe brunch menu consists of coffee, an appetizer, and a delicious entree for $19.50. Of course, there are various options that you can add that will cost more than that, but even my ravenous appetite was satisfied with only those (and dessert, of course). See food porn below:

After brunch and some youtubing with a best girlfriend, as well as the hunt for the door of the historic-looking HSBC in Williamsburg (wtf does it open???), there was a jaunt for some exquisite chocolate, courtesy of Jacques Torres in DUMBO.

Awesome day.