Saturday, July 25, 2009


sorry about creepy ones.

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Friday, July 24, 2009

On the twin bandwagon

There IS something very alluring about them, yeah?

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

unbuttoned cuff

went out of town: p-town cape cod. was a hell of a week before and is a hell of a week now. NO motivation to do jack sh&% and my camera is out of commission (mostly cuz i want a new one and i will whine till this happens).

I was not a happy camper that day; got to work at 8am...WTF...

That's my new Bottega Veneta tote...which I dearly love. It rained today and I had no umbrella. I took off my sweater to cover my purse. Mad, you say? Perhaps... AWESOME bag, you say? WHY, YES. Yes it is.

This was after work that day. Behold: straightness. She chopped like 2 inches off. I didn't even know I had that much to spare.

Of course, I got within a mile of beach and my hair poofed up into an Angela Davis immediately. This is after the early morning moisture made this smooth, sleek coif into Anchor Woman Hair. That's an experimental $100 down the drain. How exciting.

will begin photo-catch up au demain. blaah. raaaaaain again.

shirt: j crew
skirt: dries van noten
shoes: cordwainer
bag: bottega veneta

Monday, July 13, 2009

craaaaazy weekend/iPhone Documentation

this weekend:
went househunting (again). found dreamhouse. currently taking part in financial shenanigans in order to prove i can afford it.
figured out a pretty solid career path, although loans will be hefty, and so will payback.
went to angel's share, then alphabet city party, got trashed, launched flaming napkins/bottles from roof
dealt with serious consequences resulting from said alcoholic adventures, including taking care of my best friend, potential alcohol poisoning, recovering from horrific hangover, cleaning up the mess i made in the car after dropping pizza everywhere, LAUNDRY, etc etc etc.
bought WOMEN IN LOVE by Lawrence and a book about Buddhism, which I'm currently gorging on, as well as The Brothers Karamazov. Them Russians sure love big words...
spent approx $500 shopping.
went on a date with my girl, cara, in hopes of expediting the painful recovery process.
and dearly missed my good friends, all of whom seem to live outside the city. i need new friends. :-(

boots: Frye
jeans: ksubi
tank: trifil
zipped apart jacket: maison martin margiela

jeans: rich and skinny
converse: which came to an unfortunate end on sunday morning
tank top: random
new old pimp watch: gruen

any fun weekends out there?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

befriending the bush/archie hair

thought the hair looked a lot like old betty/veronica hair. anyone remember the black girl from archie comics? lol, i just remember her boyfriend being reggie. man, i miss those little pleasures.

archie comics and airheads. sonic the hedgehog marathons. and playing soldiers with my stepbrother. lol. i was KILLER with an air machine gun.

jeans: earnest sewn
top: martin and osa
loafers: fratelli rossetti

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

via the iPhone

how i spent the weekend

i've only recently joined the iCult and i absolutely LOVE this phone! it geotags photos!!! and takes 3MP photos!!! still can't type on it, lol. used to the itap on the Verizon plan. AT&T gets a big thumbs up for this phone. hmm...wonder if i can unlock it and get one from Verizon... :-)

in other news, considering going back to school for the fall, working part time while i finish some pre reqs. scary...with the recession in full swing, it's a great time to go back to school, but i must admit, i'd feel rather...odd. but happy to be moving along with life, away from the dead end entry level work i'm doing now. i truly love non-profit, but healthcare is my passion and getting into a working world where i can make solid plans vs living paycheck to paycheck seems like such a big step forward. of course, the additional degrees (and zeros on each check) won't hurt either.

any thoughts? this adulthood thing is tough. and i'll buy some batteries, lol, so i can use the camera. i finally updated my wardrobe with cool stuff i LOVE to wear, and am now uncertain what to do with all these clothes. plan 2: ACTIVATE social life.

jacket: zara
pants: walter
top: tramp
shoes: 704b.