Monday, December 29, 2008

Back in New York

2 CHRISTMASES??? Yep, I'm super late. AND my birthday is today. I'm an old-er lady, now. HA...aging sucks. Except for that whole learning thing. The learning experience, while horribly painful, will come in handy. Eventually. Or at least, so I hear. We shall see. Would've been great to have some images of my evening...those will come later. I'm recovering from the New Year's/Birthday Eve hangover.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas 2008

Very classy Christmas photographs...Holiday images from Virginia, where I spent a weekend with one of my best friends and her girlfriend. Fun times were had by all. Intoxication was were the guests. Happy holidays, y'all.

The morning after

Channeling Edie...

Princess Sophie

My 'butch' outfit


Yep, the food was THAT good...

Holy cleavage, batman

Sydney in

Sofy and Uncle Josh Syd in knew

Party-Prep Punch lovin my new Firma jacket

Sydney, Brie, Me

Fish-face Ya-el Goofy beer grins

Will and Syd Giggly much?

Syd Syd and her dad

Syd, Sof, and David

Big house packed to the walls with Southerners, lots of alcohol, food and weird personalities=wild times.

Jacket by Firma, Trousers by Theory, Shoes by Boemos, Top hat from David, Shirt from Princess Sofy, and Black tube top via H&M.

More to come.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Weekend Cont'd

Saturday night: Indian food/pool hall/random boots on the sidewalk

Denim by Ralph Lauren Black Label; Coat by Moda International; Belt by Bosca; Boots by Me Too; Elbow length gloves; Bag by Wilsons; Scarf by H&M; Sweatshirt by Essex

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Weekend

I got caught in midtown on Friday evening (oh, the anxiety) and decided to take a look around H&M. I found a couple tops I'm hoping to get creative with. The stripey rugby sweater was by far my favorite, snatched from the men's section. I chose to play with the colors; the hat, in hindsight, was a bad choice...

Apparently, I was XENA. Warrior Princess.

After a dinner of ice cream and cookies (photos to be posted at my leisure at some point long, long from now), I went out to a hookah bar with some friends. It was bloody frigid out, must've dropped about 10 degrees while I was inside. In any event, had fun: as evidenced here.

I forget the foxy waitress lady's name...but I think I'm smitten. Mostly, because she had this cool tat on her belly that said MEOW. Trampy? Perhaps. Cool? I think so. Especially when paired with a belt that boldly declared:
She also told some funny 'That's what she said' joke.

I don't know what this 9 is for or what it had to do with Christmas...nor did I check the number on the building. But it made for a nifty backdrop, if nothing else.
Coat by Walter; Elbow length gloves by some Italians; Leggings via Strawberry; Bag by Wilsons; Hat by H&M; Scarf from random vendor; Boots by Frye

And then dinner:
Check out the moon...via the chain link fence under the Whitestone Bridge, lol

Mural in Harlem. Pretty cool, huh?
Tunic by Michael Stars; Cardigan by H&M; Necklace via vintage shoppe

I'm not a big soul food fan. Didn't actually know what the term meant until I moved to this country, but nevertheless, I could kill a Canadian logger over a plate of Mac n Cheese. But Amy Ruth's is a really good restaurant for clogging one's arteries and raising the cholesterol. I still object to chicken, steak, and/or fish in combination with one another or on a breakfast menu, along with eggs. Baffled by the concept, to be quite honest.

A pack of starving beasts...I mean, hungry black people...I mean, my friends.