Sunday, December 7, 2008


All hail the wide leg.....

From VPL AW '08. Beautiful. Not crazy about the big X on the back, but I'm willing to overlook it. This would look great paired with a small top and a great jacket, both of which I have. I just don't know if I should buy these pants, or spend the cash on something a little more lasting. Like boots. Mmmm...shoooooes.

In other news, went to see Slum Dog Millionaires yesterday evening, and highly recommend it. It's actually a good film, with content and substance. *Gasp*, both in the SAME movie!!!. Remember when those were the focal points of films? Yeah, check it out. I think I may be regaining faith in the film industry thanks to independent/foreign movies. Finally, a return to quality.

Below, I've attached the link to the pants. Go ahead, snatch them from under my very nose.

images via Shopbop

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Pret a Porter P said...

ehh id pass, the x on the butt, and the zipper...i dont know, not for me