Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Once You Go Black

Interesting, albeit belated, turn of events.

[Franca Sozzani] is prepared for the criticism that she is using Africa to make a fashion statement. “That’s why I decided to give 50 per cent of the advertising revenue to various African aid organisations. We will not be making a profit from this.” Given the economic climate, that’s a pretty substantial gesture.
--Times Online

So I'm pretty late on this, but I'm glad that someone in a position of stature is making such a powerful statement. While it's definitely possible that it's just a marketing scheme, the November edition, dedicated to Africa, is quite a step forward. There are so many people, naturally beautiful (often poor) people, who are overlooked simply because of their color. I've only just begun reading fashion magazines and taking an interest in clothing and styling and all that, but I'm proud of L'Uomo Vogue for taking such a strong stance. The focal points of fashion are moving somewhat away from the West, now, and beauty is no longer necessarily restricted to certain body/skin/cultural types. Great to see some variety. It's a small step, but perhaps it may contribute to getting the ball rolling in a significant direction. Goooo Diversity!

yep. lame.

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InnyVinny said...

Go Italian Vogue.

I'm glad for diversity. Tired of seeing overly skinny girls from Europe/US all the damn time.