Wednesday, April 29, 2009

a little sugar in my bowl

sometimes the generosity and beauty of individual's just bowls me over. i am duly impressed and humbled by the depth and breadth of this piece.

You move me,
incite me to chorus
you like me
of all the people
you are the perfect completion
completion of my puzzle
of my emptiness
of my loneliness.

I've come to know you
every word of utterance
every thought of grace
every day
my life is filled

My life
my love
my wife
my friend and confidant
you are the woman for me
I see your smile and your face
I know your laugh and your taste
I disappear into your splendor
and get lost in your hair
I open my lips
and taste your kiss

My thoughts run wild
my heart skips a beat
I know your pains
and they make me weep
I long for your touch
your warm embrace
God only knows
I can't wait to see your face

He gave me love
and found me joy
I thank him endlessly
you make me happy
and you must remain
continue to show me
love's not a game.

thank you, dear heart.

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