Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lost my bearings

So, as I'm now working on two blogs and I've actually misplaced the SD card that had the majority of my pictures on it, I've fallen somewhat behind in posts. I've joined twitter though! Still trying to figure out how to use it... I'm apparently one of those kids who didn't get the electronically-apt genes. Generation Y Fail. I've also been riding my bike. My ancient hand-me-down mountain bike. Imagine how 'amazing' I look when next to someone like this:

I'm hoping that will be me sooner than later. Until then, I will continue to lug my giant bike up and down the subway stairs, or ride to the nearest handicap-accessible train station. Which I did today. My butt hurts in the most strategic of places, removing any comfort I may have while seated ANYWHERE.

But at least the weather was nice and I managed to take some photos with NATURAL light for the first time in bloody ages. So happy about it. I even put a SCARF in my hair! So bold and outgoing, lol. Anyone with help on styling so-called 'ethnic' hair, please drop me a line... PLEASE.

From warm daypurple shorts

From warm daypurple shorts

From warm daypurple shorts

vintage blazer and scarf (in my hair); dkny shorts; trifil tank top; Nicole Miller Jodie pumps; furla bag


InnyVinny said...

Those GAMS!! Girl, you look beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you're familiar with the natural hair site Nappturality but it has TONS of info on natural hair: styling, products, transitioning, etc. Check it out @ -- HTH! And your hair looks great!

The Queen of Hearts said...

You have such beautiful skin and your legs are amazing.

yasemin said...

hey this blazer is oh so great, loved it!will look out for it here.

by the way I'm architect,love my job:)I like being anonymous, cause there are really "bad" people in my it? :)