Tuesday, July 7, 2009

via the iPhone

how i spent the weekend

i've only recently joined the iCult and i absolutely LOVE this phone! it geotags photos!!! and takes 3MP photos!!! still can't type on it, lol. used to the itap on the Verizon plan. AT&T gets a big thumbs up for this phone. hmm...wonder if i can unlock it and get one from Verizon... :-)

in other news, considering going back to school for the fall, working part time while i finish some pre reqs. scary...with the recession in full swing, it's a great time to go back to school, but i must admit, i'd feel rather...odd. but happy to be moving along with life, away from the dead end entry level work i'm doing now. i truly love non-profit, but healthcare is my passion and getting into a working world where i can make solid plans vs living paycheck to paycheck seems like such a big step forward. of course, the additional degrees (and zeros on each check) won't hurt either.

any thoughts? this adulthood thing is tough. and i'll buy some batteries, lol, so i can use the camera. i finally updated my wardrobe with cool stuff i LOVE to wear, and am now uncertain what to do with all these clothes. plan 2: ACTIVATE social life.

jacket: zara
pants: walter
top: tramp
shoes: 704b.


InnyVinny said...

Girl, go for it. If not now, when will you not feel oddly about it?

Never! That's when. LOL

I love this outfit, too.

Pennerad said...

yep. feeling really grown now. lol.