Thursday, November 27, 2008


I often get a little moody around Holiday season. Today's Thanksgiving, and while I've so much to be thankful for, and am, I feel like there is so much more that I want. I suppose this blog is about inspiration and small pleasures in life for me, and I get a little cranky that I've not attained all that I want from my life. So while I give thanks, there is always the thought of being just shy of that achievement that will grant me peace, that will temper the driving force that is my competition and desire for more. Of course, this is not about more shoes, or more clothes, or money, but more of life, more of knowledge, more of family, more of friends and fond memories. More of experience. This often feels like greed, but I've this burning desire to eke even the last drop of enjoyment, greatness, and learning from everything. And so, here I am, sharing my personal thoughts on the web, not because I've no life, or nothing better to do (this is an addictive hobby, I warn you) but because I want to connect with others like me, and unlike me, who may share these views on acquiring all that is possible of the un-materialistic...while enjoying what we can without becoming enamored of the materialistic. It's a good blend that I'm seeking the perfect balance for.

So as I ponder achievement, and reflect on those things I am most and least thankful for, I calm my thoughts and ambition, I accept that all of us, in our own time, at our own paces, will develop as we were meant to, and should accept that things take time. And I give thanks, for all the things I've been given that others may not have, even in such desperate times.

This is not meant to be a damper on the fashion discourse, so I've included some great inspiration from the past couple of days. Lord willing, I'll have a camera by the weekend. Score...

Love your family and friends. Enjoy the holiday!

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