Saturday, January 3, 2009

22 Years Strong

While I don't feel any older, I do believe I am a bit wiser and hope to channel this wisdom into the coming year to improve my life, my Self and my environment.  I don't believe in New Year's resolutions.  They always seemed temporary and easily broken.  I prefer to reach for larger goals, more lasting ones.  So, that being the case, the new Pennerad is 22, with an afro (wow...seriously?), a far cry from the Pennerad of years past.  I've got a better grasp on what I want and need from my life, and while my hyper-criticism is still not quite in check, I'm working on getting a handle on what I want out of my career and post-bac lifestyle.  It's scary, but I think I'm becoming a grown-up.  Dangit...

To celebrate my birthday, I bought myself a pair of boots.  Functional, comfy, and with LACES!  Yippee.  
New Fryes.  Man, I love the Internet.

Today's Brunch at a BK restaurant called Bratwa's.  Haven't had this in about 12 years, so i was real happy.

All artwork by a local Brooklyn artist...whose name is L. Gatewood. 

New Year's goofiness.  I wore a black shirt-dress from H&M; a giant faux fur hooded coat/cape thing; my cowl/cardigan/hood; Firma wool jacket, stockings from Target, and a pair of beige boots from Fornarina...none of which are really pictured here, but no matter.  Enjoy the fireworks instead:

All the best for the new year.  Any goals in mind?

Denim by Levi's Capital E; Tuxedo shirt by American Outfitters; Cardigan by H&M; Boots by Frye


InnyVinny said...


Boots = dopeness and I love all of these pictures.

Pennerad said...

Thank you, dear!

Tamia said...

LOVE the boots and the scarf...we seem to have similar taste.
Love the 'fro, too. Have you checked out Nappturality?

Pennerad said...

Thanks, lovie! I have, in fact, checked Nappturality. What I've realized, from looking at everyone's pages and blogs and sites and drooling over people like Chicoro (that girl's hair is fanTAStic), is that everyone's experience is different and my hair, so far, hasn't looked like anyone's that I've seen. So...I just have to stay healthy, deep condition like crazy, and keep playing with clips and stuff. But...alas, the fro is the easiest, cuteness be damned.