Sunday, January 4, 2009

I think I'm hooked

So I discovered polyvore a couple weeks back, but never really played with it until today. I've been at my computer for HOURS...I MEAN HOURS!!! But it's fun and I gotta go back to work tomorrow so I guess it's fair. Check this out:

Hardcore by Achillean

winter shorts by Achillean

leather/watanabe by Achillean

Images via Polyvore


Anonymous said...

that rick owens double zipper jacket is fantastic...only if it didn't cost an entire month's rent.

Tamia said...

Polyvore is the DEVIL! Countless hours spent outfitting myself for fabulous, fashionable nonexistent events.

Anonymous said...

lolol at the "fashionable nonexistent events" comment!
I'm in love with all of these outfits. It's inspiring.. keep doing it and uploading :D

Pret a Porter P said...

oh it's so addictive.
great jewelry in the 1st set, and im liking that sweater in the last