Thursday, January 8, 2009

Chasing Cydwoqs

After falling in love with the brand Cydwoq months ago and searching all over the internet for a pair that I could actually afford, I threw up my hands and decided to save money instead for some Fiorentini's and/or a pair of Cydwoqs sometime later this year. So, browsing the lovely eBay, while on a 'sick' day, I got these online on SUPER clearance. It's good shoe karma, I think (something I learned from Agathe of StyleBytes); I've been selling shoes I don't wear often or not at all in my eBay store. And now...I'VE GOT THESE!!! While they are typically boring (and therefore, typically me), I thought they rocked. And you can tell they're going to last forever. I can't WAIT to get another pair.

They're BRAND new and GORGEOUS and I'm SO excited. Cydwoq (pronounced sidewalk) makes some of the coolest shoes I've seen in awhile. I was practically bouncing in my chair when I found that they were delivered. I actually bolted home just to try them on. So, in honor of my GLOOORIOUS shoes, I thought I'd share someone fantastic: I give you

Adèle, Chasing Sidewalks

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InnyVinny said...

Good deal. Congrats on finding some.

Pennerad said...

Werrd. :-)

Unknown said...

Hey, love your style! Just fyi, Cydwoqs of all sorts are currently on sale (i.e. summer--I know you put this up last winter) at Ped Shoes. It is the best shoe store, and I think you'll like it since we seem to have similar taste in shoes! (They carry Fiorentini + Baker and Chie Mihara, too.)