Friday, January 30, 2009

Little Green Dress

This is one of my favorite articles of clothing. Shapeless, swingy, and with pockets to boot. I'm also wearing my favorite boots! Comfort, my friends. Comfort while working at my crappy job. Oh...the luxury of a non-recessive economy...if only I could QUIT.

From 012909

From 012909

From 012909

From 012909

From 012909

From 012909

One of the downsides to this dress is its habit of riding up underneath my coat...I mean, showing leg is long as you can control it. No one likes flashing people THAT much.

Bon weekend!

Cardigan by Love, Lola; Sweatshirt by Poof; Dress by Old Navy; Boots by Frye; Hat by H&M; mysterious socks and tights.


Jane said...

cool outfit

Check out


Anonymous said...

love the knee high socks with the boots!

kaitlyn said...

great dress. KICK-ASSSS boots. seriously. i love your blog.


Tamia said...

Cute! Love the boots and socks combo.