Monday, March 2, 2009

New Treasure


So...while shopping while I shouldn't have, I came across these lovely babies on clearance and a size too big. Who am I to turn down beautiful shoes, however, regardless of size? I don't discriminate if I don't have to. And while I'm nearly a hundred bucks in the hole, I'm still seriously debating keeping these shoes...Any thoughts?

Went a little crazy with the photos tonight, but means I'll probably be updating more regularly in future. Found a photog! And HELLO to my first follower! Please forgive my negligence. Real life has been trying to kick my butt left, right, and center.

Oh Deer's Smith Shoe. Mmmmm. Reminds me quite a bit of a Ming vase. They were rather pricey at DSW, but I'd never seen anything like them before. I never really liked the whole open-toed boot trend...but these were just show stoppers. Grabbed them for fear some other soul would get them. But now, economic crisis and my own poverty considered...aaaargghhh; pressure!

Please offer words of wisdom! I can't help myself! How did you all enjoy fashion week?


InnyVinny said...

Ok, those are gorgeous - never seen a shoe like that. And they don't look too big on you.

Then again, I'm a huge shoe-whore and am in no position to give you advice. I'm notorious for being a bad influence.

Ampersand said...

whoa! those are awesome. are they blue or purple? i think they'd look great with black tights (not leggings). and maybe black on top, something simple to let them pop. the sartorialist has a few recent shots with bright shoes that might inspire.