Thursday, June 11, 2009

Aching for the good stuff

It's June. I swear it is. And yet, it's pouring outside. I had to wear a jacket to work AGAIN. And I don't want to spend ANY TIME OUTSIDE MY HOUSE on the street unless it's jumping in puddles. And even that's getting a little tired.

So, as my plea to Mother Nature, a little bit of sunshine. Ah...reminiscing.

My hair is taking on a life of its own....

tinman shoes: neil barrett
jeans: earnest sewn
flaming orange sweater: le tigre
scarf: favorite (oddly, i can't find it now...) from street shopping with my mommy
jacket: firma


InnyVinny said...

D, you hair is fuggin amazing. AMAZING. These are great pictures of you, too.

Let the mane take on a life of its own. =D

Tamia said...

I love your hair in these pictures! Let it do what it do.

Pennerad said...

lol. thanks ladies! it's definitely doing what it does...all the time.

TiModElle said...

J'adore your hair :0)