Monday, June 8, 2009

with the boys

didn't do any shopping because there wasn't time. still running on about 10 hours of sleep over the past few days. managed to squeeze in some ice cream, gospel brunch, 2 rooftop parties, more brunch, trashy pleated skirt, new patent blue trainers, dinner with mommy and sis, and the yummiest salad i've had in months. i love my friends.

shorts: paul smith blue label
shirt: trifil
jacket: martin margiela
shoes: converse
bag: stitch's


Damsels said...

looks liketons of fun ..
makes me wish i had some guy friends
We Were Damsels
Thanks for commenting on my blog I really appreciate it

pennerad said...

honestly, I wish i had more guy friends. so funny. less hangups. at least, they talk about them less.

lol. AND thanks to YOU. i feel honored.