Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I get 'inspiration' sometimes. I'll be watching a movie and I'll see leather gloves, or a really nice silhouette and suddenly pop up and go to my closet and start dressing up. It's pretty strange, I know, but the Photographer's gotten used to it. This is a display of last night's (or rather, 1 am's) experiments. Not very daring, but I thought it was very wearable. I spend most of my time at work and/or in transit, so it's nice to be comfortable. Check out the socks...Gap's fake argyle. Yum. Yes, the shirt is scandalous. Will have to wear with tights to actually go outside.

Skirt by Tommy Hilfiger, Red sweater and white t-shirt by Merona, Blazer by Banana Republic, Pumps by Frye
Grey cardigan by H&M, White blouse by James Perse, Bag by Swiss Army, Coat by Walter

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Anonymous said...

Socks please! No, really. I'm a sucker for argyle and I don't have my own pair. PONY UP!