Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Brick City

It's hella cold in NYC I layered the crap out of my outfit today, watching enviously as women in stilettos stalked bare-legged through Times Square station. Then I went out for lunch and saw people walking backwards because the wind was so high and it was so cold that people were ducking into doorways to get away from flying debris and pets. Okay, so there weren't any flying pets, but it was fackin' cold. And I was PREPARED. Score 1 for moi. Tights don't match. But it was sort of on purpose. Yup. I'm thinking outside the box...mmhm...soooo cool.

Listening to: Playa Hater by Notorious B.I.G.

Coat by Walter, Sweater/jacket by Free People, Dress by DKNY, tee by Kensie, tights by Target, boots by Pollini

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Sara Luxe said...

ohhh its sooo cold here too !! well done on the layering ! im a master of the art myself ! and the wind here once picked me up . i kid you not !xx