Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The TinMan

The silver shoes are the newest acquisition; $400 Neil Barrett's on super-sale...so I bought them. They and I are now very, very happy together. The woman in the store looked like she was going to cry as she put them in the box for me. They were the only pair they got in and I tried them only after deciding on a lark to walk through a different aisle, and based on the sizing on the shoe, they're not my size. The salesgirl actually screamed out after me, "Miss! Miss, you're REALLY LUCKY!!!". Ah, the shoe-obsessed.

White blouse by James Perse, Grey cardigan by H&M, Black jeans by Levi's Capital E, Hat by BCBG, Plaid Blazer by unknown maker, Pinstriped blazer by Banana Republic


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Aww those shoes are SO beautiful!