Wednesday, October 15, 2008


This is my very first post on my very first blog...woohoo...Formalities aside, I'm hoping this is as productive as I anticipated. I recall my many days searching through all these blogs/websites/pages/google results, hoping to find stylish men and women whose tastes were aligned with mine. I got tired of seeing what appeared to be the trend-uniforms, and wanted to provide my own take, which is, no doubt, a uniform in itself, but will combine my two new projects: reinventing myself and enjoying my newfound love of clothing--and obsession with shoes!
I was too much of a chickenshit to put anything of my own up. Still am, but I think I'm mature (read: awesome) enough to deal with the flak that will no doubt come with posting my fantastical outfits on the world wide web for (hopefully) lots of folks to comment on. Hey, we'll find out, yeah? I hope, if I may be so bold, to encourage others like myself who do not necessarily fit into the 'fashionista' or 'trendsetter' box but dress as they like, for comfort, for inspiration, for fun and enjoyment.
For those of you even remotely interested, I recently cut off all of my hair, in attempts of going natural, in more ways than one. Used to have a perm. Tomboy that I can be, however, I'm not dedicated enough to blowdry, flatiron, rollerset, curl, etc. my hair on my own. And I never really liked the idea of putting all those chemicals in my hair. Beauty might be pain, but if your body and your brain and screaming bloody murder, chances are, it's NOT good for you. So, any ladies of color out there interested in seeing a young woman 'transition' from a relaxer, or fight with a fro (fun!), enjoy! I know the trouble I had trying to decide to make the big chop but I (sort of) committed and when my hair was lying on the ground, I was terrified! But it was done and I dove headfirst into this new stage of myself. Hopefully this site will satisfy these joint interests and folk will be inspired as I have been to step outside of their comfort zone. Everyone else, enough yammering, enjoy my shoe addiction!
Photo is the view from my old house of the house across the street, post New England snow storm, this past winter. Totally random, but wanted to share.

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