Wednesday, October 15, 2008

October 15 2008

I look pretty goofy here; lol. I'm still adjusting to having someone stare me down behind a camera. This is one of my favorite, most comfortable dresses. It's totally shapeless and, I think, just long enough to not be trashy, but short enough that it doesn't dwarf me (I'm 5'7" and my photographer is a giant of a man). AND, it's got POCKETS! Pockets are a blessing passed down from the angels, especially when they're on dresses, or in completely useless places. (I always wanted to DIY a shirt with a pocket on the back between the shoulderblades, but alas, I am a lazy brute and it probably ain't gonna happen). But I digress. Please, admire the wet sidewalk, my awkward face, and the niftiness that is my tartan/plain/flannel dress. The hoodie underneath is great because the hood is big enough to cover my whole (and very wet) head. Warmth is sweeeet.

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