Thursday, October 16, 2008

Etro, My Love

My new obsession lately is menswear. Though I have an unhealthy amount of premium denim and most of them fit pretty skinny, I like the idea of the slim fit trouser, the oxford shoe, THE perfect blazer. For this, Etro has some super pieces. I went to Etro in Las Vegas while I was there, having seen an ad of theirs in GQ magazine, which is one of my favorites these days (I never used to read magazines; now I can't seem to inhale enough of them--I chalk it up to the pretty colors and the shoes). While there, I met this amazing woman named Sue and ended up talking to her for an hour or more about the store, its style, and Japanese designers among other things. I tried on this AWESOME paisley print silk jacket that had the most amazing details--along with a rather hefty price tag, but I could just imagine it with some slacks and a nice pair of pumps. Apparently, Etro employees get a pair of oxfords just for working there. I don't have a picture of it but it's this awesome plum colored patent wing tip that has just about a 2" heel, but they don't sell the same shoe to customers; rather it's a higher pump. SO well made. The jacket above is the grey version as well as the paisley I tried on; and the thigh high boots, which don't come in a size higher than an 8 apparently, or perhaps not in that store, made me drool for like, 20 minutes. Actually had to close my mouth for fear of ruining the niftiness of the store.

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Anonymous said...

I'm really glad you mentioned the boots because that's all.I.saw. LOL!

Those blazers do look lovely. I've heard good things about Etro.