Sunday, November 9, 2008


Some sad sack of crap/sorry excuse of a human being broke into my car yesterday night and stole my dry cleaning. And my camera. That being said, I will be camera-less for a bit...and relying on a iPhone for my photographic submissions. SOOOO pissed. Who DOES that??? Who breaks into a car for friggin dry cleaning? WTF!!
Jerkoffs...I had these really awesome pants I bought from Century21 in Lower Manhattan. They were by Imitation of Christ. They were cropped and cut like a pair of backwards jeans. Interesting, but the zipper as broken and I just never got around to geting it fixed. Figures that I would and it would get stolen. Ah well.
Planned this surprised party for someone this weekend and it finally came together. I'm not sure what problem people have with time, but the invitation said 7 pm at the LATEST, and these SOB's showed up at 1 in the morning. I mean, I understand the concept of CP time, but 6 HOURS LATER? Clearly, this has been a disastrous weekend. Fortunately, I was able to enjoy at least some of it. There are some pictures of the repair shop with the broken window. Comisserate, I command you.
Since I've nothing fresh, enjoy these much older pictures.

1: Black top via French Connection; Black skirt by H&M; Boots by Bolo
2: Dress by Laundry by Shelli Segal; Jacket by Banana Republic; Boots by Frye
3: Pumpkins from Halloween; I carved the 4th from the left, my first pumpkin ever.
4: Backless dress by Free People
5: My Boss' Daughter, a Highlighter; check out the earrings
6: Busted car window being replaced
7: My outfit from last night's gathering: Grey turtleneck by H&M; Purple trousers by Magaschoni Collection; Unnamed boots I can't recall the brand of and am too lazy to get up and look at.

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That sucks. Sorry honey.