Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Change Day!

He Won!!! Now I will rant...

CONCESSION TIME: 11:15 PM, NOV 4. lol.
I would like to congratulate the new First Family on their first day of iconhood, and the new puppy that they'll be getting. Sweet. A dog.
I thought it was interesting to see the clear class divide displayed in the two different venues. McCain camp: button-downs and suits; Obama camp: blue jeans and tee-shirts. Kinda creepy.

Too bad, Lady Palin chose not to grace her public with a wink his evening. She did, however, look like a painted doll. Also creepy. So was Mrs. McCain's f'ing suit. WTF was that color.

THAT said, I'm all done with the commentary on the election. I hope to not hear the word change for another couple of weeks, but of course, that's optimism at its finest. For your amusement, dear friends, my outfit from yesterday. Ta-daaaa.

Had to change clothes due to a wardrobe malfunction during the day, so I'm wearing 2 outfits. How awesome is that? I bet you never get to wear two whole outfits in one day.

w/o jeans:
Turtleneck Dress by BCBG, Gold Cuff by vintage seller, Coat by Walter, Over-knees by Gap, Belt by Steve Madden, Wingtip oxfords by Boemos, Scarf by random seller

Hat by BCBG, Denim by Deener, Wingtip boots by Boemos


Le Stylist Cheri said...

AAAH! i would've definitely worn that black-turtle neck as a dress, perhaps with some black leggins and patent-leather shoes! But it's a simple cute outfit. and is true what you said about not wanting to hear change for a couple weeks! I agree! lol

pennerad said...

It's supposed to be a dress; I was trying to be 'cool'. Not sure it worked, lol. I love the hair in your profile photo; thinking of rocking a wig this weekend. Just for fun. I like that style, though. We'll see how it turns out. Thanks for checking out the space.