Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I'm Late...

...For Halloween. This will be brief. 'Twas Halloween; I was a prostitute--or Capt. Save-a-Hoe. No one was particularly amazed at my get-up. Most people thought I was just dressed for a fun night. Which is fine. I actually went up to a woman when I went to get the tights in the store (not the AA brand) and asked her which she thought was trashier, to which she responded very tightly: "They are not trashy when properly styled". Me: Crap. That whole weekend was a blur of faux pas.

By the time I got to the already 6 hour long pub crawl, everyone was already drunk. It's quite a sight to see, really--watching completely drunken people through sober eyes is quite an event. That being said, I've attached some pictures of the horrific wig, the Pirate, Lil Mama, and Captain SaveAHoe.

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