Saturday, November 15, 2008

Boredom in Brooklyn

This was a couple of weeks ago, after running around trying to find a movie theatre that I didn't even know existed. Watched Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist. And then all of the following photos were taken. I was in Brooklyn for no real reason. Apparently inflating a ball. I actually couldn't figure out how to do it. Lol...that crap is harder than it looks. It looks like I was also amazed by my glove. The picture of me laying on the wall is me playing 'PinUp'. I'm not sure why I thought it was a good idea at the time...but now you get to point and laugh. So it's good for something, yeah? You simply must try it sometime.

It's pouring out today, but might get dressed up and go take some pictures. Of crappy quality, of course. And then, maybe sushi if I get my way. Which I will. Ha. And then out with a friend, tonight. Finally have stuff to do. YESSSSS. Holla.

Jumper dress by Free People, Hoody by Three Dots, White tee and aqua tights by Target, Hat by H&M, Socks and Bag by The Gap, Boots by Frye, Gloves by Miss Sixty.


InnyVinny said...

It cold there.

Totally dig the gloves. I want some gloves. Can't justify it with the heat, though. What the hell do I do?

Pennerad said...

get some crappy fingerless ones, i'd say. i've rocked all sorts of inappropriate gear in the wrong weather, lol. but shit, i was fly... :-)