Saturday, November 15, 2008

Plain Prep/Nerdy Happenings/Lots of old pictures

Uninspired, mostly. But warm. Does my head look abnormally large? I think it does. I feel disproportionate in these photos, but all I had to work with was an iPhone for cryin' out loud. I'm also uploading a crapload of pictures from the past week. Or two. Sucks depending on someone to take pictures for you. Mais, c'est la vie.

Went to Lulu's thing last night. Outfit from that is also pictured. Was a crappy day, so I was really looking forward to meeting her...but alas, I left around 2:30 or so, and after having 2 drinks...okay, 4...I could no longer keep my eyes open or tolerate the drunken girls making out with any three-legged thing they could fine. So...I'm pissed. But at least I finally got some sleep. No Lulu, and she's STILL in NYC. Kinda weird to know that someone you kinda sorta know is in the same (very large) city as you but you'll NEVER find them. What can I say; I'm an odd person. For those of you who went, I hope it was great fun!

Today, I'm accompanying someone--as I would be too cool to go to such a thing on my own--to this, ahem...'fun' experience. Costumed, scary, sci-fi obsessed people, here I come. And I'm going to look at new cameras. That's all my over-stretched budget needs. MORE temptation. Photos from my recent shopping excursion to be added soon. Enjoy this lovely Saturday, y'all!

Photos are in no particular order, but my favorite is the last one. In case you don't get it, or decide not to click it, the sign says, 'She'll Kick Their ____'. The last word was blacked out, so I filled in the blank. Get it? Get it??

Outfit 1: Green Jumper by Old Navy, Hoodie Sweatshirt by Poof, Scarf by random scarf store in Midtown, Coat by Walter, Boots by Pollini, Leather gloves by not sure, Leather bag by Ebay
Outfit 2: Cropped sleeve coat by Zara, Vest stolen from my then-small little brother, White blouse from Salvation Army, Lame' leggings by Strawberry, Silver oxfords by Neil Barrett, Fedora by BCBG, moto gloves by Miss Sixty
Outfit 3: Red plaid jumper dress by Tramp, Grey shirt by Three Dots, Red tights and Hat by H&M, Boots by Palladium
Outfit 4: White shirt by not sure, Brown cable knit sweater by Ralph Lauren, Dark denim by Ralph Lauren Black Label, Brown boots by Frye, Orange jacket by not sure.


InnyVinny said...

I wanted to go! Sucks that you didn't get to see her, though.

Pennerad said...

I KNOW!!! I kinda want to leave irate messages on her page, lol. But that'd be a little odd. And slightly stalker-ish. Especially since I actually went for no reason and sat around at the bar with a friend for 2 hours without dancing or ANYTHING. Lol. I actually wouldn't have known what to say tho, so maybe it worked out...
L: .......
me: i've got a blog too.
L: .......ok.