Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Hello boys and girls. So, it seems this is not to be my week (/month/season/year)! I was in a damn car wreck on Sunday afternoon. While I'm still alive and kicking and bloglovin', my car is in...quite the state. Totaled, apparently. Nice. To the bitch who cut me off, and messed up my day, #$^&%!*!!!! And I'm still in the process of moving. In any event, I am still camera-less, at least until maybe Friday, so for the time being, I'm going to be posting yet more meaningful photographs. Hope you've all got plans for turkey day!! And Black Friday, too (pre-dawn sales? I think not, but I admire those of you who will brave the stiff weather). I'm currently debating an mp3 player. While I admire Apple for their anti-Microsoftness, I also hate them and their cultish product lines and how they've managed to turn the entire world into clones. They've got good products, yes, and good ideas, yes, but I refuse to 'drink the Kool-aid' as the saying goes. So, I'm holding out, darnit!!

Unfortunately, I need a player and bad. So, I'm debating between the Zune 120G and the iPod Classic 120G. I DON'T want to buy it. Cuz I'm a hater. But I will bow to the superior judgment of owners of either. So...who wants to advise me? Huh? Huh?

By the way, shout outs and congrats to Laurel over at It's Her Factory. Not only is she graduating college, she's also been signed with New York Models! WooHoo!!! Be proud; this doesn't happen to just everybody!

Listening to: Slow Bicycle by múm

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