Monday, November 17, 2008

New York Never Stops Moving...

...Unless there's an accident.

Was stuck in traffic for 45 mins while the cops figured out what to do as far as clearing the wreckage. As a cop was bandaged up and provided with a neck brace, various other passengers took advantage of rare opportunities: got out of their cars to enjoy the novelty of walking along the FDR, hailing cabs going in the opposite direction, rolling blunts in their cars, sleeping, etc. Great fun was had by all, I'm sure. I was exhausted, intoxicated, and super-stuffed from a night of Korean barbecue. Who knew it'd be a novelty to go to a restaurant and cook your own food. Genius. No outfit posts, but it was AMAZING, I assure you. I do have pictures of the congestion however, and the wrecked Bronco that was probably responsible for the 3 car collision.

And a bit of eye candy. Why not?

This is totally fashion-related. I swear. I mean, look at those amazing...suits. :-)

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